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We dress customers in Victorian, Wild West, Roaring Twenties, Pirate, or Civil War costumes. A digital process is used which allows customers to choose either color, antique color, black and white, or sepia for their prints. The pictures print in 35 seconds. Our studio is an air-conditioned/heated trailer that expands to 18 feet by 18 feet. It sets back 4 feet from the concession line to allow for the counter and displays.  We also have portable equipment for special events.

As retired teachers, we have enjoyed this as our retirement project as it combines our love of history with photography.  

We have received many favorable comments from our customers and fair officials who liked us and our pictures.

We do not have a studio in our home.

Fred and Carol Wiemer
Uncle Fred's Photos
Racine, WI and Apollo Beach, FL 
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